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Birding tips

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For the best wildlife & bird watching binoculars, you should look for sharp, bright optics, with good magnification. How do you find these features? The first number in a binocular name refers to its magnification, and this should be 10x or 12x to get you nice and close to wildlife, without physically getting close enough to scare them away. A larger objective lens captures more light for maximum brightness, so be sure that the second number in the binoculars is around 50.

Our recommended sizes for wildlife and bird watching are: 8x50, 10x50 12x50 and similar.

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Whether you need a pair of bright and clear binoculars for spotting wildlife in their natural surroundings or you want something with water resistance for taking to harsher climates, you can make your purchase a little bit easier by viewing our list of the best binoculars. Follow our blog for more product roundups and gear advice.


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