LASER rangefinder

For perfect high-quality observation

GPO Laser Rangefinders have been developed and tested to meet the requirements of users worldwide for their observation and hunting activities. Our RANGEGUIDE 2800 laser rangefinder exemplifies the ultimate in design, functionality, and performance, offering exceptional light transmission, edge-to-edge sharpness, close focus, and brilliant colour reproduction.

Setting itself apart with its sophisticated appearance, the RANGEGUIDE 2800 boasts a magnesium body that ensures maximum durability while minimizing weight. To further enhance its premium features, we have integrated a Laser Rangefinder Engine that delivers a range of 2800 meters, along with angle reading and temperature measurement capabilities.

Moreover, the development of our pocket-sized RANGETRACKER 1800 rangefinder prioritised intuitive user-friendliness. Available in two attractive color variations, this rangefinder features an integrated visual Target Finder and harnesses SLOPE technology, complemented by one of the fastest laser range finding systems currently available, performing at a remarkable rate of 3x per second. Additionally, the RANGETRACKER 1800 is equipped with a state-of-the-art High Transmission LCD display that boasts 6×20 optics. This cutting-edge display ensures optimal target visibility even in the face of challenging weather and lighting conditions.

All GPO Laser Rangefinders offer exceptional quality observation optics at an unmatched price-performance ratio.