GPO Flagmaster™ 1800


Experience a game-changing transformation with GPO FLAGMASTER™ 1800 golf rangefinder – the ultimate pocket-sized companion. Prepare to be amazed by its best-in-class optics and brilliant display. Packed with cutting-edge technology, from “Prisma,” “First Target & Vibration” flag detection to precise slope height correction and a high-precision laser – designed and developed in Germany for unrivaled performance.

Elevate your golfing experience to new heights with the FLAGMASTER™ – your trusted companion for precision and success on the green!

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Introducing the GPO Flagmaster™ 1800 – the ultimate laser rangefinder that ticks all the boxes! With cutting-edge smart technology, an intuitive user interface, and a sleek ergonomic design, it’s the rangefinder you’ve been dreaming of.

Experience unmatched precision and speed with the integrated visual TargetFinder and SLOPE technology. Boasting one of the fastest laser rangefinders on the market, it effortlessly reaches a maximum range of 1,800 meters on well-reflecting targets.

But that’s not all! The GPO Flagmaster™ 1800 comes packed with remarkable features, like the Hyperscan Mode that delivers three measurements per second, ensuring lightning-fast scans. With the BEST, LAST technology, temperature sensor, and SLOPE and TRUE RANGE calculation, this device is built to handle any situation without compromises.

Ergonomics? Absolutely nailed it! Enjoy seamless one-hand operation, including diopter adjustment, for unmatched comfort and control. With the GPO Flagmaster™ 1800, there’s no need to settle for anything less – it’s a product that redefines excellence. Get ready to elevate your game like never before!


      Powerful laser for maximum flexibility of play

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of GPO FLAGMASTER™ 1800, featuring an exceptionally powerful laser that accurately measures reflective objects, like flags, up to a remarkable distance of 1,800m.

No matter the challenging weather or lighting conditions, this device ensures repeated precision, allowing you to see more and extend your playtime than others!


     Hyperscan Mode with 3 Measurements per Second



      Dual PinSeekerTechnology

GPO FLAGMASTER™ 1800 integrates two PinSeeker technologies into one product. This innovative device can detect flags with prisms or other reflective materials, as well as flags without any reflective components (“First Target”).

With this advanced capability, GPO FLAGMASTER™ 1800 enables you to enjoy your game on all types of golf courses, making it the perfect companion for versatile and varied play.



     Legal Indicator and Slope Correction for Participation in Official Tournaments

Equipped with a visual legal indicator, GPO FLAGMASTER™ 1800 is tournament-ready. This indicator ensures compliance with official tournament regulations, allowing you to confidently use the FLAGMASTER™ 1800 during competitive play.

If you activate the SLOPE mode, which provides distance measurements considering the terrain angle (not permissible in official tournaments), two LEDs on the front side will flash as an alert. However, you have the flexibility to easily deactivate the SLOPE mode and utilize the FLAGMASTER™ within tournament-approved settings.


     One-Handed Operation

GPO attentively focused on creating a lightweight and ergonomic design, enabling easy one-hand operation. This translates to greater freedom and energy for extended gaming sessions.


Accessories Included


Instruction manual, cleaning cloth, hard case, battery CR2, wrist carrying strap, carabiner clip


Technical Specifications


Magnification 6x
Objective diameter 20 mm
Field of view (FOV) m at 1000m 132 m
Exit pupil 3.4 mm
Diopter adjustment (dpt.) +3
Eye relief 16.5 mm
Length 94 mm
Width 33 mm
Height 76 mm
Weight 148 g
Laser Specification:
Range max. (reflective targets) 1800 m
Range max. (tree and grass) 700 m
Min. Range 6 m
Laser respond time 0.33 sec
Laser Class (Eye Safe) 1M
Scan Mode yes
Angle Sensor  +/-60°
SLOPE compensation yes
LOS (Line of sight) yes
Visual PinSeeker yes
Tactile PinSeeker yes
Detection flag with prism yes
Detection flag without prism yes
Waterproof 10 sec
Operating temperature in °C  -10 up to +55
Storage temperature in °C  -20 up to +70
Measurements per battery CR2 4000
Battery Type CR2 Lithium
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